Date : 18-Nov-2014





4309 Midway Drive, Temple, TX 76502 /254 771 1270





Dear Devotees and Patrons of the Hindu Temple of Central Texas,

The year is coming to an end and several of you are again pondering about making a donation to a worthy cause. While there are several worthy causes, we hope that you will keep the Hindu Temple of Central Texas in mind and make a generous donation to the temple. 

This is a small temple but we have two outstanding priests to look up to for our religious needs.  The temple is quite traditional and so beautiful, often photographed for its beauty with loved ones standing in front of the temple. 

The temple has the usual day to day expenses. The premises and the building need to be maintained. We have an operating fund to meet the day to day expenses and a separate maintenance fund to dip into for needed, sometimes expensive, maintenance/repairs. We also have an Endowment Fund. The principal in this fund will remain untouched. The interest or gain can be used for any needed purposes if there are insufficient funds in the operating and maintenance accounts. The endowment fund is still being built up.

We have now an architect looking at the larger picture. He viewed the temple from the distance and is awed by its beauty and magnificence. He is now working closely with the Board and the Priests to come up with a master-plan that will incorporate the OM Garden (still in discussions with the City of Temple regarding easement but expected to be completed soon) and additional parking spaces to the east and south-east of the temple property. 

A place of worship should serve its own community and the larger community in which the temple is located. With that spirit, we provide annadanam for the devotees every week-end and a few of the special holidays. In addition, the temple provides sandwiches for the poor and homeless in the community once a month through Feed My Sheep Temple. Volunteers help prepare the sandwiches in the temple premises and then delivered to Feed My Sheep Temple.

The year 2015 marks the 12th anniversary of the initial Kumbhabhishekam. The Sastras dictate that we have Punaruddharanam every 12 years. It is believed to homogenize and re-energize the divine powers of the deities. Please mark your calendar, the celebrations are from Thursday March 26 to Sunday March 29. You will receive additional information in due course. 

You may designate your donation to any of the categories mentioned or left to the discretion of the management. Please send your donations to the above address or made on line using PayPal or Credit Card.

We also like to take advantage of employer matching where available. 

Please click on the link to donate on line:

Again, we sincerely hope that you will keep the Hindu Temple of Central Texas in mind as you make your year-end and ongoing charitable donations. All donations to the temple are tax deductible and we will send a receipt. 

As we will be sending cumulative year-end donation receipts of $250 or more, please let us know if you have a new mailing (USPS) address. Send the address change to the above address or to 

Looking forward to continue to fulfill your religious and spiritual needs,


The HTCT Board