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Date : 03-Dec-2019




4309 Midway Drive, Temple, TX 76502
www.hindutemple.org /254 771 1270

Dear Devotees and Patrons of the Hindu Temple of Central Texas,

The year is coming to an end and several of you may be pondering about making a donation to a worthy cause. While there are several worthy causes, we hope that you will keep the Hindu Temple of Central Texas (HTCT) in mind and make a generous donation to the temple.  
Though small, HTCT is quite traditional and beautiful, often photographed for its beauty with loved ones standing in front of the temple. This is also the first traditional temple to be built (Pranaprathishta done in February 2003) between San Antonio and Dallas Fort Worth. We have two outstanding priests serving the needs of the community. Devotees come from not only the Central Texas area but from all over Texas to have darshan of Omkara MahaGanapathy and the other deities at the temple. 

The temple has the usual day to day expenses. The premises and the building need to be maintained. We are in the process of redoing the exterior and the ceiling of sanctum as age and weather have taken their toll on the building.  

The OM Mandapam now proclaims the Upanishadic exposition of the sound ॐ (OM) as explained in Mandukya Upanishad. It is a place to sit and meditate. And it leads to the main temple. 

A place of worship should serve its own community and the larger community in which it is located. With that spirit, we provide annadanam for the devotees every week-end and a few of the special holidays. In addition, the temple provides sandwiches for the poor and homeless in the community once a month through Feed My Sheep, Temple. Volunteers prepare the sandwiches in the temple premises and then deliver to Feed My Sheep.

 We have cultural activities at the temple, spiritual discourses from time to time and Sunday classes for children. We also solicit ideas to improve the services at the temple. 

 Any amount of donation will go a long way; “Many a drop makes an ocean”, as the old saying goes. Please help us also take advantage of employer matching where available. You may send your check to the above address. To donate on line, please click: https://hindutemple.org/donate/ 

All donations to the temple are tax deductible and we will send a receipt. 

 As we will be mailing cumulative year-end donation receipts of $250 or more, please let us know of any change in your mailing (USPS) address. Please send address changes to info@hindutemple.org. 

Looking forward to continue to fulfill your religious and spiritual needs,


The HTCT Board