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Date : 08-Jan-2024

11th Thu 6:30 PM - Anjaneya abhishekam and Pooja

11th-Thu - 6:30 PM
Anjaneya abhishekam and Pooja
Manojavam Maruta Tulya Vegam Jitendriyam Buddhimataam Varishtham
Vaataatmajam Vaanara Yooth Mukhyam Shri Raama Dootam Sharnam Prapadye

I take Refuge in Sri Hanuman. Let me pray and salute to the one who is swift as thought, the one who is more powerful than the wind, the one who has conquered his senses, best amongst the wise, the son of the wind-god, the commander of the army of forest creatures, To that Lord Sri Rama's Messenger, the incomparable Lord Hanuman, Let me seek refuge.

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Ganapathi, Navagraha Homam & AYYAPPA Abhishekam and Pooja
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