Date : 09-Nov-2011

IMPROMPTU SPEAKING COMPETITION - In conjunction with Children’s Day

4309 Midway Drive, Temple, TX 76502 / 254 771 1270

In conjunction with Children’s Day

Nov 13, 2011 @ 1:00 p.m.

Where ?
Saraswati Nilayam, HTCT, Temple, Texas

Why ?
Poise, self-confidence, and the ability to use effective oral communication skills while under pressure are valuable qualities needed by everybody. This competition is designed to recognize children who demonstrate these qualities by combining clear thinking and conversational speaking into an interesting presentation on the given topic.

This competition is open to all children in Grade 3 and above.

How ?

  • Contestants must register for the competition by sending an email to or by 11/11/2011 by sending their name, school and what grade they are in.
  • Registration at the door will be at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Due to timing constraints people who register early will be given preference.

Competition Guidelines

  • The Impromptu Speaking Competition will be conducted after lunch, at 1:00 pm.
  • Contestants must report 15 minutes before time i.e. at 12:45 pm.
  • One index card will be given to each contestant during the preparation time and may be used during the presentation. Information may be written on both sides. Notes must be made during the preparation time only and may be used when speaking.
  • Preparation must be done solely by the contestant. Advisors or others may not assist during preparation or presentation.
  • Timing for each presentation Two minutes to Three minutes.
    A timekeeper will record the time used by each contestant, noting deductions of three points for each full half-minute (30 seconds) over the maximum or under the minimum time limit. In order to adhere to the schedule, the judges will stop any speech that exceeds four minutes.
  • All contestants will pick the topic from a bowl assigned to that particular age group. If they wish for another topic, they get one more chance to choose with a point deduction of 5 pts from their score. However they do not get more than two chances to choose.
  • Each category will be scored separately.
  • Each contestant must bring his or her own pen or pencil for making notes during the preparation time.
  • The contestant will have approximately five minutes to prepare his or her speech. The preparation time will start when the previous contestant starts his or her presentation.
  • A microphone will be available.
  • Please maintain silence and decorum during others’ presentations.

Judging and Scoring

  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • Scoring is based on the Impromptu Speech Competition rubric.
  • Entries will be scored in three categories: Grades 3 and 4 , Grades 5 ,6 and 7 , Grades 8 and above
  • The top two winners in each category will be awarded and recognized.

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